These are emails from several parents after the 2010 session of camp.

 1)Hi Rico,
Tim just got up from a bit of a nap....
smiling ear to ear when he hopped in the car at Shriners, Tim could not say enough about the weekend.  He had a really wonderful time.  He said the kids were the best of the best and the counselors even better.  When he got home, he happily showed us his t-shirts, blankets and the photo cd.  He had the best time ever and insisted he got plenty of rest before he fell asleep for about 5 hours... I actually had him convinced it was Monday morning and time to get ready for school when I woke him at 6:30.  
We can't thank you enough for this weekend.  He had the time of his life!

 2)Rico & Staff
Thank you to all who made this possible. I know it took a lot of time to plan and then  spend the weekend with the kids, away from your families.  I really appreciate everything you all do.  DJ had a great time in Maine. The picture of the kids looked great and looking at the background, it looked like the weather couldn't have been better.

 3)It’s simply amazing to me how therapeutic these experiences are for Maddie.  She enjoys herself so much being in a friendly situation.  The firefighters mean so much to her.  The little gift blankets and T-shirts are her favorites.  She sleeps with the blanket, and though she has many other T-shirts, it’s the firefighter one’s she chooses to wear.

as a last comment, I’d say it is hard to measure how ‘small’ things can influence children’s lives.  The reaching out of firefighters to children burn victims makes a big difference.  I hope the significance of Maddie sleeping with her ‘firefighter’ blankets and choosing those T-shirts comes thru.  In addition, she has been fearless about her burn and burn condition, particularly as a result of her camp experiences.